The peanuts KP buy are transported, often over long distances, processed and packed to make the products our customers love.

To ensure that our customers are always happy with the nuts they pick up from the shelf we make sure that everyone along the supply chain is happy, starting with the farmers. KP engages in the Vision of the Intersnack Group of ‘buying into the future’ by being committed to sustainable sourcing.

Supporting several hundred farmers in Bolivia

Not many people know that Bolivia is the original source of peanuts, they have been growing there for thousands of years! We support several hundred farmers in Bolivia in cultivating traditional peanut varieties, to improve the lives of them and their families for the long term.


Our aims with the Bolivian Peanut Project are to:

  • Help 300 farmers and their families improve their lives directly as a result of this project.
  • Share knowledge of modern farming techniques and invest directly in the technology needed to successfully grow the peanuts.
  • Safeguard local peanut varieties for the future.
  • Maximise yield and incomes.
  • Promote good agricultural practices (positive environmental impact and preserve the environment for the future).