In the UK, our nuts are processed at our Hellaby factory in the South of Yorkshire.

This site opened in 2014 and is home to a knowledgeable team of nut experts, and the latest and the most advanced technology ensuring your favourite KP Nuts are always the best quality as well as being delicious!

Our nutty experts in Hellaby are always looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment and we’re proud of our achievements so far.

Our achievements

To save energy in the factory, we’ve installed LED lighting and real time automated manufacturing information systems which means less paper is used on the site and less waste is produced.

We closely monitor food waste and recycle as much as possible into animal feed or for other uses such as waste salt, to salt lick or road grit. Items that can’t be recycled on the other hand, are sent for conversion to new energy to ensure that nothing is left to waste. Our nutty team has been so successful in ensuring that nothing goes to waste that it has had zero waste to landfill since 2012!

We treat any water that is sent into the drainage system and work closely with the water authority to ensure that we do not have a negative impact on the environment. We also have the ability to harvest grey water (rain water) which is then used to flush our toilets!


Zero waste to landfill since 2012

One of the great re-usable resources from our Hellaby factory comes from our waste oils from the manufacturing processes. The waste oil leaves the site to be converted to bio-diesel which is then used in the transport of our finished goods. In 2014 Hellaby had a carbon saving (CO2) of over 500 tonnes by converting these waste oils.

When we moved to Hellaby we took the decision to stop cooking with palm oil and we now cook our nuts with sunflower oil.

With all of the hard work that goes into ensuring the sustainability of our Hellaby factory, we are proud to hold an ISO 14001 certification (the UK recognised environmental standard) and Energy Management System ISO 50001.