Explore the full range of KP to give any snacking moment an epic taste upgrade, from our iconic salted peanuts to our delicious range of flavours that pack a mighty punch, not forgetting all new KP Krunch Mix and KP Peanut butter.

Snack Packs

Give your snack an epic taste upgrade With the nation's favourite peanuts, that pack a might flavour punch Now available in convenient packs perfect for On the move, at work or just about anywhere any time Bursting with protein and fibre.


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Flavour Kravers Coated

Are you a Flavour Kraver? Then these nuts are for you. With a crispy coating that packs a punch, it’s impossible to resist their irresistible crunch.

Aromatic Thai Chilli, Katsu Curry

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Flavour Kravers

Are you a Flavour Kraver? Then these nuts are made for you. Get ready for something that torpedoes your tastebuds skyrockets your senses and seriously livens up your day!

Flamed Grilled Steak, Smokin' Paprika, Coolin, Sour Cream & Chive

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At KP we have been nuts about nuts since 1953. Our peanuts are picked at their prime, after 130 days in the sun, and roasted until golden for the perfect KP taste and crunch.Not only delicious, but a natural source of protein and high in fibre too.

Original, Salt & Vinegar, Spicy Chilli, Honey Roasted, Dry Roasted

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